El Hierro is divided into two investigation areas
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Example of a Distribution Map




Distribution of Lolium edwardii and Lolium canariense on El Hierro

Geobotany at the University of Regensburg

Example of a distribution map:

(grid map according to the UTM 1×1km² grid)

Lolium edwardii Lolium edwardii H.Scholz, Stierst.
                           & Gaisberg
Lolium canariense Lolium canariense Steud.

The map shows the different distribution areas of two recently separated taxa. Lolium edwardii needs the shady and moist habitats within the laurel forests or the Myrica-Erica scrub, whereas Lolium canariense prefers the dry and light conditions of the lower altitudes.

The numbers of the grid are the 10 and 1 km UTM-values
Values of the horizontal lines from 3060-3084
Values of the vertical lines from 188-216
The map area compiles accordingly the UTM-values from 28RAR8860 to 28RBR1684.
Within El Hierro runs the boundary line between the UTM-zones 27 and 28. In official maps usually the entire island is included in the 28-zone, hence the square 28RAR is applied also to the western part of El Hierro (instead of the square 27RYL).
The contour lines run along the 200 m-isohypses.

The application of the UTM-grid for botanical or faunistic issues is described by
Ibañez, M. & Alonso, M. R. 1990:
La proyección U.T.M.: Su aplicación al estudio de la fauna y flora canaria.
Homenaje al Prof. Dr. Telesforo Bravo I.: 453-470

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